Protecting Your Licence 2020:
  • Conducting firm-wide AML risk assessments 
  • SIP 11 and Financial Controls 
  • Changes to the Code of Ethics
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Free short course: Coronavirus: An IP’s Risk and Response

This course provides access to all of the titles in the 2020 Protecting Your Licence Series.

In this session we will examine the types of risks to which UK insolvency practices might be subject, consider the practicalities of conducting an internal firm-wide risk assessment to meet the legal requirements and look at how this can fit within an annual risk review framework.

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What do proportional financial controls actually look like in practice?
In this session we will look at some of the practical alternatives that may help you to implement a robust yet proportionate set of controls and examine how you can best illustrate your compliance to your regulator, if called upon to do so.

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In this session we will examine the changes to the Insolvency Code of Ethics which came into effect on 01 May 2020, consider the implications of these for IPs, and highlight essential actions to be taken.

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Our job at Insolvency Support Services is to support your business. We have produced this short, free to view online presentation to assist and protect your practice as you deal with the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19, as part of our One Hour Series.

In this video, we considered the risks for your insolvency practice, and suggested practical responses and strategies for addressing these.